Yay! They’re Moving!

6) Your Thoughts 코멘트


Made this page for you to comment about my blog.

I would love if you left messages that are:

  1. Supportive; a simple ‘Thanks’ is enough to keep me going ;D
  2. Constructive comments (positive/negative); so I know where I can improve on
  3. Messages to show your love for Wonder Girls; yay! 😀

I would ignore if you left messages that are:

  1. Spam; 😦
  2. Chatting among yourselves; this page is for comments, not chit-chat.
  3. Uber negative comments e.g “You suck, delete this blog.”; o_O
  4. Bashing Wonder Girls; this blog isn’t about who is better because I don’t really care.

Of course, I will be deleting these types of comments too.



  wintersun wrote @

wow, your site is great, ive downloaded a lot gif and they r awesome! thanks a lot! keep your work up!

PS: do u mind if i ake which software you use to creat gif? i wanna creat some

  loveyoobin wrote @

@wintersun: thank you for your support ^^ *happy*
I used Video Avatar to make my gifs and Photoshop CS3 to edit. But Video Avatar requires money =/

  wintersun wrote @

thanks for your reply ^^
im using video avatar too, but with crack =P

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