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^^ because of busy life.


SG Wonderfuls Wonder Girls 1000th Day Fan Project

For more info visit HERE

Singapore Wonderfuls Outing!

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Let’s go go go!!

Sun Mi’s Bday~~

Please participate in Sunmi’s birthday project >.<

We need more letters from fans for our sunmi bday project, just simply write your wishes/things u wanna say to her and mail it to [cru-cified@hotmail.com] you can do it in plain text (microsoftword) or a photo format.

so after u’re done, just add the below infomation in the mail for our labels.
1) id
2) name
3) country

by 28April

I am back!

I was back yesterday (4-3-2009) but I was busy looking for fancams and pictures of Wonder Girls The 1st Wonder concert so I didn’t have the time to post this and I came back pretty late.

Sorry for the lack of updates for soooooooo long! Please allow me to gather everything together because I have to download videos and save pictures and not forgetting looking for their news if they’re alright >_<

Been very busy since I got back so let me sort everything out before I start with this again!



I am trying to get videos from a friend but it’s been busy these few days because of my exam, preparation of my trip to Bangkok and preparing presents for Wonder Girls.
Please wait patiently hahahaha.. o_O

Wonder Girls 2nd Anniversary 090210 P1

A *WonderfulSIX Contribution
*WonderfulSIX comprises of loveyoobin, kazaf10, mandoosohee, iLOVEsunmi, YH & shanquan

Click for bigger!!!


Wonder Girls in Singapore 081102