Yay! They’re Moving!



Please feel free to comment. Even a simple ‘Thank you’ can make me motivated to make more gifs.
I am a Twitter!

2-5-2009   Tired
Tired and don’t feel quite well.

Now working on: Wonderland ep 10 uploading



  breezy wrote @

really thank you for all your efforts…really appreciated…your blog is so pretty <3333

  loveyoobin wrote @

thank you very much. long awaited comment LOL! (thanks, the previous comments too)
it’s cool that you think my blog is pretty because my photoshop isn’t very good :<

  Bert wrote @

go easy on the gifs^^
work hard for school!

  I LOVE SOHEE wrote @

i thank u so much for making this web site. i love to use gif, and i can find so many!!!

your layout is cool too!!
good luck with your studies as well, always put education first!! gifs second…

thank u again, really!

  loveyoobin wrote @

@I LOVE SOHEE: keke.. I feel very happy that this site is useful.
But I’d rather put gifs first and education second. Unfortunately, I can’t :<
Thank you for your support (:

  Frenchy_nana wrote @

This is an amazing site, thank you for your hard efforts I appreciate it ^_^ i love all of your gifs because i can’t find ones anywhere else so i always come here hehe xD

  Katie wrote @

Hi there! First off, I looove your blog! I collect gifs, especially Wonder Girls. I also make my own gifs as well..and I was wondering if you needed any help, or if I could give you some of my gifs. If you want to see..this is the most recent gif I made of YeEun:

I do regular gifs where it’s just of the ciip, but I also do ones like the one above. So if you want any help at all since you’re so busy with school, I’d be willing to. I share you love with gif making, I’m kind of addicted to it, haha. Email me at ktxdid@hotmail.com if you’d rather talk there. 😀
Have a good day! Good luck with school too!

  Thai Wonderful wrote @

Thank you so much for gifs.

I’m not good at English. Sorry ^^”

loveyoobin: your English is fine ;D

  Dey wrote @

Thanks for the gif =) If u dont mind can I use it as forum avatar?

Love ALL Yoobin GIF, more Yoobin please XD Hehe…Have fun at school!

loveyoobin: sure you can 😉 thanks for visiting!

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