Yay! They’re Moving!

My Wonder Girls MP3^^

Hut hut! UPDATED

There are 4 free songs inside which are So Hot, This Time, You’re Out and Tell Me (Rap ver.) and lyrics.

There is also their printed signatures.

Now I am thinking “To use or not to use.” >_<

More pictures below.

dsc00065 dsc000671

Pink is my friend’s. Black is mine.

My friend is the photographer so no Black Mp3 picture because my camera sucked.



  angela wrote @

hihi…im the photographer…hahaz..mi wan yubin headphone..nxt aim is the headphone..

  Frenchy_nana wrote @

they look so small ! but are they really mp3? like you listen to music? i know it sounds stupid but it’s so tiny xD

  loveyoobin wrote @

@Frenchy_nana: Yeah the size is so cute >_< and they are really mp3. The buttons are in the middle (where the picture is). You can even make it a handphone accessory.

  iLOVEsunmi wrote @


  stephnim wrote @

Did you buy those 2 MP3s from me?
I should have got one for myself >.<

  loveyoobin wrote @

@ stephnim: yeah I did! 😀

  ♥enchantzment wrote @

hey just asking but from where did you order those mp3s? and how much are they? and how did you pay? lol sorry for asking so many questions but i’m trying to find out how to get my hands on one of those. 😀

  loveyoobin wrote @

@♥enchantzment: I order it from a Singapore WG fan forum. I got it for $80 + shipped. I pay by cash when it arrived.

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