Yay! They’re Moving!

Golden Disk Award 2008

This performance was a challenge to gif it because the camera moves around too much. I had a hard time capturing some moments which I thought is worth capturing when I see the video.

Gotta keep retrying so that takes up more time than usual! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Read the rest for Download links

credits: wondergifs.wordpress.com {gifs} + ahboo.wordpress.com {video}

Was watching Intimate Note/Close Note(?) lol!

(All) Download link; 19.41 MB

(Large) Download link; 14.6 MB

(Small) Download link; 4.8 MB

View all gifs @Gallery

credits: wondergifs.wordpress.com {gifs} + ahboo.wordpress.com {video}


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  fenchel wrote @

This perf is one of my favorite. ^^

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