Yay! They’re Moving!

1) About Me


This is loveyoobin that will be maintaining this wordpress blog.

I made this blog is not to post about Wonder Girls news because there are already a ton of websites you can find out there already.

This blog is for me to share GIFs that I’ve made (or other people). Feel free to take whatever GIFs are here. Erm, remember to credit if you are posting it somewhere else.

I love Wonder Girls not because of their singing ability, dancing ability or how beautiful they are (they are by the way). I love Wonder Girls for who they are. They’re personality and character is what I love about them.

Honestly, their songs are not my cup of tea. I only liked all their famous songs like ‘Tell Me’, ‘So Hot’ & ‘Nobody’ and also not forgetting ‘Eebabo’, ‘Irony’ and ‘Saying I love You’ (others too but only a few). That’s why [refer to above paragraph].

I type 90 words per minute.

My favourite Wonder Couple:

So rare…. but I’m always HOPING!

Click for bigger!

Click for bigger!



  ♥MiSoBinYe♥ wrote @

wow u’r so fast.. i typed only 34 😛 lol
btw thank u so much for those beautiful gifs!!

  loveyoobin wrote @

@ ♥MiSoBinYe♥: hahahaha been typing for 8+ years :P. Thank you for supporting me ^^

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